Books and Butters and Bars…

You’re in the right place to shop for Levellers Press books and publications —
as well as Equal Exchange coffee, tea, chocolate and other fair-trade & co-op produced goods through CollectiveCopies.

Levellers Press is an imprint of CollectiveCopies. The Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts is richly populated with writers and artists so this is the place to find outstanding books of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and humor.

CollectiveCopies offers more than high-quality digital printing and finishing…we also offer really great goods. We can fix you up with quality-of-life-essentials from coffee to cashew butter, alpaca yarn to Ashworth Yellow (that’s corn). Oh, and just try to pass up the dark chocolate.

Yeah but, why?

Our commitment to collective-ownership, fair-trade and sustainability extends to promoting other businesses that share the commitment. Besides, a copy center offering food and garden items is so counter-intuitive that it’s just…Us.
These are quality products offered by companies that didn’t just recently hop on the “green” train; companies that were founded with high ideals and stuck with them. In so doing, they’ve demonstrated that it’s possible to do well doing good. We’re proud to offer their products.